Self Help Procedures to Help One Remain Positive:

It is recommended that this section be read in full before proceeding to the selection of one or more procedures using the index.

This section has been created to allow everyone access to information, which, if applied on a daily basis, can transform our lives. Once one has acquired this knowledge, the benefits are long-term.

Allow yourself time to assimilate this knowledge. Know that life will become easy as a result of this understanding. Encourage others to visit this website as well.

The future will be very exciting with this knowledge.

Think about your present reason for looking at this website:

1. To reduce negative emotions in my daily life.

2. To reduce negative circumstances in my life.

3. To reduce negative people in my life.

4. To improve my abilities to achieve.

5. To protect my future health.

Reducing negative emotions in my life:

Decide which of these emotions is dominating your life just now:

• Low self-esteem

• Irritability

• Anger

• Sadness

• Guilt

• Anxiety

• Jealousy

• Unhappiness

• Depression

• Distress

• Nervousness

• Worry

Use this section in the following way:

Click on the index of procedures below to choose the procedure which feels relevant to you.

On each procedure page, three types of information are included:-
1. A description of a very simple procedure which will reduce the degree of discomfort experienced by you in relation to the topic of your chosen procedure.
2. Information to help you to experience a different perspective on this topic.
3. Information to help you to reduce the re-occurrence of this discomfort in your life.

These three aspects help one to control future events in our lives. Allow time for this information to become a way of life – by that, I mean that this way of being feels comfortable. Enjoy being free of negative feelings.

If possible, create the habit of looking daily at this section of my website, even 10 minutes per day will be enough to help you to be in control of your life. As time progresses, you will need to do this less and less.

This work will help you to enjoy:
• being able to have less and less negative feelings in your body,
• being able to understand others easily,
• knowing that you can create the life you want,
• having the knowledge of how to protect your own health, and
• knowing that you can now be successful at anything you choose, (as long as it is compatible with the health and wellbeing of others).

The following procedures may be helpful to aid you in choosing positive thoughts. Sometimes recurring negative thoughts are triggered by our past experiences, the memories of which are still imprinted on our body. These procedures may help you to release these memories.

Our bodies are frequently subject to ‘fears’ – which again may be imprinted on our body. These, in the most part, are able to be released using the procedures to follow.

All of these procedures are extremely simple and may be used by any age group, including children.

If results are not achieved, it is possible that the body is toxic from pollution or drugs, and the help of a practitioner may be needed.

Do not use the following procedures if you are on medication whose purpose is to change brain function – with the exception of anti-depressants and tranquillisers, since these procedures work well on people taking these two classes of drugs.

Index of Procedures to Decrease Specific Stresses in the Body
Please click on any of the procedures below for further information..

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