Angel Healing
Maggie Dewis

Maggie is a facilitator of Angel Healing energy. She is guided to know exactly what healings to request for her clients.

Maggie’s healing abilities centre around improving the client’s innate healing abilities and includes releasing clients of their life’s stresses and negative attitudes to life. The consequences of the Angel Healing is that the client’s body is able to “let go of the past,” resulting in the client feeling in control of their life and body.

Much of Maggie’s healing work centres around the subconscious. Many people are born with extreme fears – through no fault of their own – which subsequently dominate their lives and health.

The outcome of this healing promotes a more positive outlook on life and an increased ability to have a healthy body long-term.

Maggie treats clients of all ages including babies and children. The goal of this healing is to help clients to create happy and fulfilling lives and excellent health. The majority of Maggie’s clients can be helped significantly in three sessions.

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