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Maintaining standards of training and practice

Case histories, conditions successfully treated, practitioner directory

A potent tool for awakening and liberating the infinite human potential

The technique to stimulate the body's own natural resources to heal itself

Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques

Focusing, amplifying and directing the life-force energy to facilitate healing

Britain's no.1 alternative source of well researched cancer information, including complementary and orthodox treatments, causes and prevention

The world's most popular natural health newsletter

Independent research organisation, reporting health issues and supplying nutritional supplements and other healthy living products

Health through education

Dr Mark Hyman - addressing the causes of disease rather than treating symptoms

Dr Wong's essentials natural health website

UK directory of healers and therapists

UK directory of psychotherapists and complementary therapists

UK directory of registered hypnotherapists

Collection of articles and websites to empower individuals to make positive changes

Tips, information and inspiration for a happier, healthier life

Articles, events, therapist directory and blog

To complement the CAMlifestyle magazine available in our waiting area

Treat your mind, body and spirit - news, promotions, events and practitioner directory

Articles relating to health, and complementary therapy practices, for students and practitioners of alternative therapies

Online shop for kinesiology test kits, nutritional supplements, and other healthy living products

Articles and information for everyone who is passionate about sport, or wants to get fit

Where spirituality and science meet

For the best books on health and healing, spiritual transformation, personal growth, psychic development & environmental concerns

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