Maggie Dewis

Maggie has been practicing kinesiology in Fordham for a little under 22 years. Her clients are sourced mainly by word of mouth and they travel from all parts of England to see her.

Her work focuses around the release of toxins from the body, the release of fears from the body, and nutritional balancing with special attention to releasing past stresses from the body all of which helps the body to activate its own healing mechanism. Most disease pictures are underpinned by one or more of the above.

Appointments are kept to the minimum, and there is often a month between appointments.

All appointments are approximately 45 minutes.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a systematised approach to assessing the body's energy system. This is achieved with the aid of muscle testing.

What is the body’s energy system?

Each organ in the body is serviced by a channel of energy known as a meridian. There are fourteen main meridians in the body. Meridian function can be disturbed by several factors e.g. allergies, nutritional deficiencies, food intolerances, chemical toxicity, emotional stress, electro-magnetic fields and structural problems.

How can Kinesiology help the above?

• by assessing, in order of priority, the disturbances present.
• by using powerful energetic corrections to trigger the body’s own healing mechanisms.
• by substantially reducing stress, chemical or emotional, to the body.
• by recommending nutritional supplements when appropriate.
• by offering advice regarding avoidable environmental toxins.
• by helping clients to achieve their life-potential through goal work.
• by offering advice on exercise programmes.

Which conditions can be helped with Kinesiology testing in order to trigger the body’s own healing mechanisms?

All conditions can be helped with Kinesiology – thus providing the optimal body environment for healing to take place.

Maggie uses simple, non-invasive methods to release the body of stresses.  Often a client needs only one appointment to help the body access its own healing mechanism.  The client is advised to allow subsequent healing for a recommended period of time, and then to assess his or her need for another appointment.  Occasionally, a client may need further appointments if severe allergies are present.

What can a Kinesiologist do to help with personal development and confidence?

Each one of us has a central core of energy – which at one time was absolutely pure and unblemished. As life proceeds, we become tarnished by our negative experiences. These experiences programme us to behave and react to situations in a certain way. Kinesiology is able to identify negative thought patterns and to remove them from the body allowing the “real you” to shine through.

What can Kinesiology do to help with severe distress?

A Kinesiologist can reduce severe distress in a person within hours. The procedures used are very gentle but extremely effective - with long-lasting results.

What can Kinesiology do to help children?

Kinesiology uses very gentle procedures to eliminate fears and anxiety – thus leading to increased confidence and social skills.

Kinesiology is able to correct allergies and intolerances – many of them permanently.

Kinesiology is able to identify environmental toxins – which are affecting the childs skills.


Maggie Dewis


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