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For your Journey to Freedom . . .Freedom to live your life as you’ve always dreamed it could be.

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Why would I need journey work?

As human beings, we are all subject to negative experiences in our lives. These past experiences can become ingrained in us – such that we live our lives through these parameters – causing limitations to our experience of life.
As a result, we have limited potential for success, enjoyment and happiness in our lives. We often feel this is who we are and that we have no choice in the matter, but journey work can help!

Why does this happen?

Throughout our lives, when emotions are not expressed, we store these emotions and the associated experiences in our cells. These block us emotionally, by programming us to react to certain situations in a negative way. We can feel held back by fear, anger, sadness or self-judgement, and can be stressed or irritated by life.

These blockages can also manifest in a physical manner - creating ill health.

How will The Journey help me!

The Journey process is a unique tool that allows you to be gently guided to the root emotional issue which is stored in your cells. A safe environment is created allowing all the stored emotions to be released, any unresolved issues to be fully dealt with and forgiveness to be achieved.
From this new perspective, we can look into the future in a positive and wholesome manner and see the full potential our life can hold.

Each process is like peeling another layer off an onion. As we clear these blockages, we are accessing the greatness, boundless pure love and happiness at each and everyone’s core.

We have the choice!

We can either sit back and continue playing the same games in our lives, keep making the same mistakes and live with our health problems. Or we can free ourselves from these constraints to access a reality of happiness and fulfilment.

About Debbie!

Debbie is an experienced Accredited Journey Practitioner working since 2003, she specialises in helping people to take control of their lives, such that the client receives long-term benefit from their sessions with her. She is highly experienced in helping people to resolve very deep-seated issues – both emotional and physical. She works with all age groups including children, the youngest so far being five years of age.

Debbie has benefited hugely from having the journey process clear out many of her own emotional and physical blockages. This therapy has changed her whole perception of life. She now wishes to help others benefit similarly.

In 1998, Debbie graduated as a Physiotherapist from Manchester University. Commencing her career as a Physiotherapist, she soon realised that there were a large number of clients who needed to be helped in more than just a physical way. This sent her on a search for something else, something which could give her the answers.

This led her to New Zealand, where she found THE JOURNEY. As soon as she completed her first weekend with Brandon Bays, she knew her life had changed for ever! She is often heard saying: “THE JOURNEY HAS GIVEN ME MY LIFE BACK”! From a life of insecurity, paranoia and fear, she started to discover where this had come from and began to deal with it, really deal with it, so that she could be free to enjoy her life.

THE JOURNEY gave Debbie so much personally that she wanted to be able to help others to have this same happiness. She decided to become a Journey Practitioner and completed her course in 2003, at which time she returned to the UK to set up her own Practice. Over the last few years she has gradually built-up her business in Colchester by personal referrals and word-of-mouth. She now works as a Journey Practitioner, Physiotherapist and a Bowen Therapist.

The Journey Session!

The length of a session can vary from one hour for a child to three hours for an adult. The session is usually done in sitting, in a relaxed comfortable position, Debbie works in her peaceful calm purpose-built garden room in Lexden, Colchester which is within one mile of the A12 and very easy to travel to. With a peaceful, calm and quiet atmosphere, it is the perfect setting for Journey Therapies. If a client’s mobility is a problem, Debbie is very happy to travel to that client’s home.

For further information or to book an appointment, please see contact details.

There are a variety of Journeys that I offer.
These include:
Designer Journey

Designed to thoroughly clear out the core emotional issue at the root of your emotional block, physical illness or symptoms.

Abundance Journey

Will clear any limiting beliefs and views that prevent you from manifesting abundantly in your life. These can be connected with relationships, health, jobs, fun or material objects.

Life Purpose Journey

Do you ever wonder why you are here? This process is designed to discover why you are here and what is your real purpose in being here on earth!

Kids Journey

With children journeywork is fun and easy. It is like a make-believe story where the child adds in core parts of the story. It is lots of fun and equally effective.

Debbie Dewis
Accredited Journey Practitioner.
Debbie works from Fordham near Colchester and Ely

Please contact her via
mobile 077 40 50 49 40
or email
for enquiries and to make an appointment


MCSP, BTAA, BSc (Hons)

Chartered Physiotherapist
Bowen Therapist
Accredited Journey Therapist
NAET Allergy Practitioner
Quantum Touch Practitioner
Classical Kinesiologist

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