Good health is our birthright

We were born to be happy and healthy.

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DewisHealth focuses on helping you to function at your optimum level of health physically, emotionally and mentally. Our aim is to balance the body such that its own healing mechanism is activated. Where possible, we try to give our clients long-term relief from their symptoms. We endeavour to teach you to safeguard your health in the future.

Maggie is able, using Kinesiology, to trigger your body's own healing mechanism. Most disease symptoms can be reversed when the body accesses its own healing mechanism. Debbie is able, using The Journey and Bowen Technique, to release any emotional stresses from the past and to support the body in its physical healing.

To be healthy and strong, everyone needs to be relaxed, calm and 100% positive, all of which can be achieved with the help of Kinesiology, Bowen Technique and/or The Journey. Everyone has the ability to access their innate health peace of mind and contentment.

Maggie and Debbie are able to free people from past stresses, thus freeing their body such that it can heal.

Life is to be enjoyed and is a journey which can be of our own choosing, allowing our future to be in our own hands.

Marion, Practice Manager

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